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Do you want to cool down the interior or Just give your vehicle a cool look, window tinting is one of those subtle and useful accessories that can enhance the looks or comfort of your vehicle. Auto enthusiasts agree that tinting your car windows is one of the first vehicle enhancements you do to your vehicle. Whether you are tired of driving with the sun beating down on your face and arms or you just want that certain look for your car, window tint is an essential enhancement for your vehicle. AEP² is a licensed and insured window tinting company. Do you want your car to stand out from the crowd? Of course you do! Whether you want your ride to look elegant with with clear and invisible window films, sophisticated by matching the factory tint, or with something more aggressive and noticeable like limo tint, with one of our many options we offer a wide variety of different shades from light to dark, styles, and types including ceramic tint that maximizes the Protection from UV Rays and maximum heat reduction for your vehicle we have what you desire. AEP² exclusive range of window tint allows you to choose a look for your car that truly complements your personality.. In fact, when you have professionally installed tint on your car, you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world.  Our customers can count on the trusted durability of our product. Your complete satisfaction is backed by a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty* and a lifetime installation warranty at the shop it was originally installed.

Benefits of Tinting Your Windows 

  • Enhance Style and Appearance

  • Block Harmful UV Rays

  • Protect the interior and Upholstery of your vehicle

  • Safety and Protection for you and your children, and passengers

  • Increased privacy and security

  • Stay cooler and save energy

  • An improved and safer driving experience

  • A manufacturers limited Lifetime warranty on film and lifetime warranty on installation at the facility it was installed  


Carrying Window Tint from Suntek, Huper Optik, and 3m we have a film to fit your needs and

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Enhance Style and Appearance

personalize your vehicle

Many people are just looking to enhance the looks of their vehicle. Window tint is an excellent way to do so. We have a variety of shades and types to help you attain just the look you are wanting. You have invested a lot in your vehicle, and our window tint is an essential enhancement to give your ride a highly appealing finishing touch.

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Block Harmful UV Rays

Blocking up to 99% of UV Rays

Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays can damage your skin and accelerate ageing. Did you know drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving? Research shows that 53% of skin cancers in the U.S. occur on the left side of the body, the driver’s side of a car. While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet Rays can still reach you. Damage from UVA rays is cumulative as they penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the aging process, cause wrinkles, damage eyesight and even cause skin cancer. For people who drive for extended periods of time, window film protection provides a critical advantage to safeguard against this risk and also protects any children and passengers that may be traveling in the vehicle as well. Window tint can block up to 99% of UV Rays (UVA and UVB). It’s why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin care program.. It’s especially important if you suffer from any kind of sun allergies or other skin conditions. Depending on the state you live in there may be medical exemptions allowing you to apply a more protective tint that prevents further issues. There are even some clear window films that can block out both damaging UVA and UVB rays. Everyone already knows that high doses of UV rays can do considerable damage to your body. Keeping the sun’s rays from infiltrating your car with tinted windows can be a key step in ensuring that you’re doing your best to protect your health. 

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protect your vehicle

Feature Subtitle

The same harmful light rays and heat that is bad for your health can also be very bad for your interior and upholstery. UV Rays can permeate your vehicle’s interior and cause your dash to fade, crack, and warp, leather and vinyl to dry out and crack or rip. The plastics in your vehicle to become brittle, cause fabric and soft surfaces to fade, and damage any vehicle surface hit by sunlight. This can cause great damage to your vehicle and even cause the interior to emit dangerous chemicals due to being overheated. This can all lower the value of your vehicle, or be very costly repairs. Just like tinted windows can help keep your health safe, they can also help keep the interior of your car safe. Tinted windows can reduce the damage and helps protect your upholstery. Window tint keeps your car in new condition by blocking up to 90% of harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle. Your vehicle is a valuable asset that you want to last as long as possible. Having window tint professionally installed on your vehicle is a great way to protect your investment. When the inside of your car looks great, it definitely helps you retain its maximum resale value.

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Safety and Protection

Security and peace of mind

 While there is actual security film that makes it harder to break glass, all Window film will protect the occupants from shattered glass by holding the glass together in the event of an accident or attempted break in. Automotive glass is tempered, which means, if it is broken, the glass breaks into hundreds of little pieces. Shattered windows can be dangerous and messy, but It’s not something people usually think about in advance, but you never know what can happen at any time In an accident. The last thing you want is for broken glass to end up in someone’s eye, hitting them in the face, scratching, cutting them or embedded in their skin, It even helps to reinforce the glass and keeps glass from shattering all over the driver or passengers or even prevent someone from flying through the windshield. Tinted windows remain held together even when shattered, and can greatly reduce the danger of broken glass. The safety benefits of installing window film on your car cannot be underestimated. Window film is designed to keep glass from shattering, and even thieves will find it difficult to break through tinted glass and get into your car. Tinting films are a good investment when wanting to keep your loved ones safe. When an automobile window is shattered, the break itself is costly but what comes of the break, such as the flying glass shards, can be far more damaging than just the break itself.

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Feel like a VIP

While there are legal limits to consider, you can add as much privacy as you want to your vehicle by simply choosing a dark enough shade to meet your requirements. Window tint provides enhanced privacy from anyone for everyone inside by making it harder to see inside of the vehicle and provides privacy for passengers and belongings. It is usually when there is a clear view of your expensive belongings like a cell phone or laptop that thieves will be tempted to smash the glass to steal them. Burglars are less likely to break into a vehicle they can’t easily see into. Tinted windows makes seeing into your car more difficult, and thieves will most likely bypass your car for one they can easily see inside of. When you park the car, you can walk away and know that prying eyes cannot see your valuables inside.

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Improved Driving Experience

Feature Subtitle

By eliminating visible light, and eliminating the need for sunglasses and reducing the glare on windows, window tint can improve the driving experience. In the case of some window films we can eliminate most of the UV light with a slightly shaded or almost optically clear film. Driving with the sun directly in your face isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Many people wear sunglasses when they’re driving on a bright sunny day. Sunglasses reduces glare, and makes it safer for you to drive. Tinted windows can do the same thing reducing glare and make driving even safer. Have you found yourself squinting through the windshield or trying in vain to see out your back window when the sun is blaring down on you? Window tint can almost totally eliminate this from ever happening to you again, reducing bad driving due to no fault of your own. Window Tinting significantly reduces up to 95% of unwanted glare, when the sun does not get into your eyes, you can see better, thus allowing you to drive better and a lot of accidents can be prevented. Windshield tint can greatly reduce the glare that occurs when oncoming drivers have their brights on and their headlights are blasting at your windshield. A reduction in eye-strain during driving has also been identified as a benefit for drivers with windshield tinting. There is also less reflection and glare on LCD screens inside your vehicle when the auto glass is tinted. There are even sun-protective strips that can be fixed on the crown of the windshield can give you much of the same benefit


Stay Cool

Block heat and Save Energy

Studies show that your car’s interior can be 60% cooler with tinted windows. We all know what its like to get into your car in the middle of summer and burn your arm on the center console, or brand your hip with the seat belt buckle. Tinting your car windows is an affordable way to reduce the heat inside of your vehicle, especially if you are frequently traveling with children. Decreasing energy used cooling, by keeping your vehicle cooler initially, reduces extra gas used, and increases gas mileage by running your AC less, by keeping your vehicle cooler through Solar Heat Rejection. The back seats of a vehicle can get plenty hot in summer, in many older cars there are no AC vents in the back. Tinting the rear side windows definitely helps to keep the back seat cooler. This is particularly nice for parents, who have to put their smaller children in the rear seats. Depending on the grade, window film can block anywhere from 35-70% of the solar heat that builds up in a car reducing heat generated by direct sunlight which will have the added benefit of reduced temperature inside your vehicle. Low transparency window tint can reduce heat in your car by up to 70%. Even the environment can benefit from window tint as well. When you have window tint, your car doesn’t get as hot. If the interior isn’t incredibly hot, then you don’t have to run the air conditioning as much. Less air conditioning means less gas usage; which means fewer emissions from your vehicle. This is good news for both the environment and your wallet.

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Lifetime Warranty

on Fim* and Installation*

Here at AEP² we offer an industry leading warranty on both window tint film and our installation. Most of the manufacturers we carry offer a limited lifetime warranty on the window tint film, but even if the manufacturer does not we will extend a limited lifetime warranty on films we offer that the manufacturer does not in accordance with normal industry standards. We also offer a full lifetime warranty on our installation against defects in installation or if the tint fails do to manufacturers defects covered under warranty.

Note: Window tint cleaned with glass cleaner containing ammonia will not be covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover window tint where the user does not follow new installation instructions of not rolling windows down for 2-5 days depending on season and written instructions. Warranty does not cover abuse such as tears or scratches that are caused by the user. AEP² reserves the right to modify this warranty to cover other forms of misuse or abuse. 

Come to our store and let our expert staff get you what you need and save you money.


Guaranteed Installation with a lifetime warranty

We value our customers like no other shop and take the utmost pride in everything we do. Our team of highly skilled professional installers and craftsman stand behind their work, and for this reason we guarantee our installation with a lifetime warranty. It is important that you work with a professional and experienced window tinting company for tinting your vehicle in order to ensure quality work and eliminate the risk of complications. If low quality window tinting products are used or window tint is not properly applied by an experienced professional, it can peel off, crack, bubble, or discolor. Improperly cleaned windows and a bad installation can also leave debris such as dirt or hair under the tint. In addition to becoming an eyesore, window tinting can then become a hazard as it can impair your view of the road. At AEP2, our professional window-tinting experts have the experience needed to ensure the highest quality results the first time. To schedule your tinting project, please contact AEP2 today.  Our technicians strive for perfection with every service we offer and window tinting is no different. We have put together the most skilled team in St. Louis for total vehicle enhancements. For this reason we put our customers first by providing the ultimate benefit and receive the following customer service:

  • Recommend the best tint products for their needs

  • Keep the latest technological innovations in products and use the most current techniques in installation to provide the best possible enhancement possible.

  • Provide service after the sale and completely meet our customer’s needs

  • Refuse to sell or install any product in a location or for an application for which it was not designed and approved.

  • Finally as with all of our vehicle enhancements we want to provide Luxury Value.

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Tint Installation 8.jpg

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Tint Installation 8.jpg
Tint Installation 8.jpg

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