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Ceramic and graphene Coatings

Ceramic coatings have become the No.1 way to make your vehicle look its best, protect the paint, and to keep it looking beautiful.

  • Increased Gloss and depth to the paint and sometimes giving paint "That Wet look"

  • Very High Chemical Resistance

  • protection against the acid in bugs

  • Protection from bird droppings etching paint

  • UV protection from fading

  • Protection from oxidation

  • protection form acid rain staining

  • Protection from light marring and swirling in paint

  • Makes your vehicle easier to wash and maintain and looking its best

  • Increased Hydrophobics (water beading and shedding) allowing your car to stay cleaner longer

  • Coatings can last 12 months to ten years or the life you own the vehicle depending on the coating and proper maintenance. 

To learn more about the science and technology behind ceramic and graphene coatings follow this link.

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