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Paint Correction and Protection

The AEP² Paint Enhancement

All in one paint Enhancement. This is a Single Stage paint correction that uses a single step product all in one product. The paint enhancement removes Most Swirling in the majority of vehicles and some minor more average defects. Especially effective on softer and lighter paints.


This can also be combined with Spot correction to remove a few more severe defects. This will not remove all defects or achieve maximum results. It will meet most needs on daily driven vehicles and vehicles not severely damaged. The majority of vehicles can benefit from this service. Not always recommended on Black or Very dark colors. 

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Spot Correction

 We use a single compound stage with some special cutting techniques to eliminate a single or a few more severe random defects, otherwise known as RIDS. These defects are more than a paint enhancement will remove, but do not require full panel or full vehicle correction.  It allows for a more economical way of correcting daily driven or non-specialty vehicles that aren't requiring full blown paint correction.


Spot Correction can be combined with a paint enhancement for a more complete finish.

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Partial Correction

A partial correction is another option for older used cars. Over many many years of experience we have come to identify that most used vehicles, daily driven vehicles take more wear and tear on some parts of the vehicle than others, What we have noticed is that the hood, roof, trunk, and sides of the body above the belt line (body line at the top of most doors and above usually have more wear and defects than any other area. 

So a partial correction Concentrates on these areas for a full two stage correction, and is combined with a paint enhancement level 1 or Level 2 for the rest of the vehicle.

In some cases this process is further speeded up as it can also be included in the speed correction option. (See Speed Correction)

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Speed Correction

A quick 2-step correction combining A High-Speed cutting stage followed with a Paint Enhancement for a polishing stage. This requires two technicians as one cuts, the other polishes and enhances the paint behind them. This is recommended for older used vehicles with extremely severe defects. This eliminates labor time and is a more economical for older used daily driven vehicles, but is not the safest option, and not recommended for black paint on some vehicles. We also don't recommend this on vehicles with a lot of sharp edges or thin paint.

A Speed Correction technique can also be added to our partial correction in order for an even more economical option on some vehicles. Dependent on condition and certain other criteria.

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Full 2-Step Paint Correction

A two-step correction is exactly what it sounds like. 


The first step is the cutting/compounding stage. The second step is a polishing stage to bring out clarity, gloss, and depth of shine. Utilizing various machines of different types and sizes with various pads, compounds, and polishes for optimum results on each individual vehicle. Paint can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Our experts know and understand the different paints used on different vehicles, and we will use the optimum combination to get the desired results on your particular vehicle. We will also use a paint thickness gauge and practice paint preservations techniques, meaning we will leave as much clear coat as possible, and that we will not remove defects that would leave the clear coat dangerously thin and not protecting your vehicle properly. 

A two stage correction can be combined with a ceramic coating for ultimate protection afterwards.

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Perfection Correction

A perfection correction is our maximum paint correction that strives for as near to perfection that can be achieved, for specialty vehicles and show vehicles.


Perfection is achieved through a 3-4 step correction process including possible wet sanding,  multiple stages of compounding/Cutting for maximum defect removal, a finishing polish stage, and a jeweling polishing stage for the ultimate in flat paint, Gloss, clarity, and depth of shine for concours vehicles and show cars or any other specialty vehicle obsessed over by their owners.


This is achieved utilizing all the different machines and only brand new pads of various sizes along with the finest compounds, finishing polishes, and jeweling polishes offered.


This correction utilizes Paint and coating depth gauges, 


Metal polishing can be included in the package at an additional cost. 

Options for disassembly for correction for maximum coverage. Examples would be headlight and taillight removal. Emblem removal and reinstallation. Door sill removal

Glass can be polished at an additional cost

Wheels can be polished at an additional cost

Undercarriage can be polished at an additional cost.

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Paint Correction options

Wet Sanding

Wet Sanding is used to correct the worse of defects as well as remove very bad orange peel, and to do what is called flatten the paint. This gives you a clarity and that perfect mirror reflection. Most often this process is used to correct severe defects or on show vehicles,

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Paint Touch-Up

Here at AEP² we have one of the most precise complete and high quality paint touch-up processes available. We begin by prepping the area to be fixed with touch-up paint. We then use factory matched paint often mixed just for your vehicle. The paint will include clear coat if not built in to the paint. The surface is then flattened by sanding, and buffed to as near perfect finish as possible.

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Bumper Repair

We offer Bumper repair and refinishing for bumpers that are beyond touch-up paint.

Through our professional Paint specialist we will match your paint and blend or repaint your entire bumper as needed to make your car as close to perfect as possible.

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Metal Polishing

Paint isn't the only thing that needs corrected and perfected. Metal trim, bright work, and chrome such as truck bumpers or trim on classic vehicles often need polishing to bring out their lustrous shine.

Many vehicles will look incomplete without the metal being perfected to same level as the paint.

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Glass Polishing

Yes we can polish glass!

The purpose to polish glass is to remove water spots and other chemical stains on the glass in order to bring back clarity.

Not only will your glass look better, but visibility will improve dramatically and that leads to a safer driving environment.

We can also coat glass after polished and cleaned to perfection for even more benefits.

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Wheel Polishing

This is not just an extension of our metal polishing services, as we can polish paint and event powder-coating on wheels.

Wheels are of particular importance to look the absolute best many of us.

This also allows us to protect the wheel with coatings and sealants after polishing.

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Undercarriage Polishing

This is offered for restored or show vehicles.

Please ask about what's possible on your vehicle with a free evaluation.

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Paint Protection

Once your paint is corrected and perfected it is now time for it to be protected.

protection comes in several forms:

Natural Caranuba Wax

liquid waxes

Synthetic Sealants

Ceramic & Graphene Coatings


Paint Protection Films (Clear bra)

See out paint Protection Page for more info:

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