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Here at AEP we take a wholistic approach to performance and tuning. What this means is that we do not overlook any system in your vehicle, because we know that your overall performance is only as good as the weakest performing part of your vehicle. We offer clients (3-4)(good, better, best) options in quality and price point. Then multiple stages (1-5) in each quality/price point.

Engine Performance

From Ancillary Engine upgrades to fully built performance engines. AEP has the engine performance enhancements you crave.

Tuning the brake system of the car. Perforated brake discs, ceramic pads and reinforced ho
Brake disk and detail of a wheel hub.jpg

Performance Brakes Upgrades

Brakes can be one of the most important performance enhancements you can make from your vehicle. The faster your vehicle can go, the harder it will be to stop. Your brakes can suffer from catastrophic failure if not built to handle the added stresses

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Tuning the brake system of the car. Perforated brake discs, ceramic pads and reinforced ho
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Shock and Brake Assembly on High Performance Car Isolated on White.jpg
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Steering And Suspension

Suspension explanation

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Forced Induction

An engine is essentially a big air pump. add fuel to that air, ignite it, and create power. More air and more fuel at the right time equals more power, withstanding your engine can take the extra stress. Wether adding forced Induction to your NA engine or increasing the performance of your forced induction motor is to bolt on an AEP turbo or supercharger kit. AEP kits are designed to give amazing performance enhancements reliably.

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Chassis and Drivetrain

From Engine and Tranny Mounts to built transmission differential upgrades and gear changes, enhancements to the drivetrain and chassis is what allows you to put all that new power to the road without breaking crucial components.

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Carbon Fiber Intakes.jpg
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Intake & Exhaust

The first way to improve the air induction of your engine is through a performance intake, and then by allowing your engine to expel those spent gases more effectively through a performance exhaust system with the added bonus of making your vehicle sound spectacular.

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Performance & Racing Wheels

Light weight mono bloc forged one piece and forged multi-piece wheels can reduce rolling mass and are stronger than factory wheels, thus allowing for increased performance. Performance wheels also allow you to have the look you want to personalize your vehicle.

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Tuning & Electronics

In order to actually benefit from the performance enhancements that you add to your vehicle, you must tune your engine. In todays modern vehicles this is accomplished through flashing the factory computer, programming with a piggy back, or full stand alone engine management system. Monitoring what your engine is doing through electronics and gauges allows your engine to be tuned for maximum reliable power and efficiency.

Here at AEP² we have taken a unique approach and philosophy to tuning. We believe in using the best tuners available for each make and model that we offer performance upgrades for. We handle tuning in house, but bring in the most renowned tuners for each individual make and model to give the best possible tunes developed for those vehicles.

Furthermore tunes are developed for every package we offer by these renowned tuners that can be duplicated for each customers to have the most repeatable and reliable results without the need to completely re-invent the wheel each and every-time!

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