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Mobile electronics has grown in to one of the most important parts of our driving experience. In Car Tech now includes categories such as: OEM upgrades and integration to Audiophile quality car audio systems, bluetooth, GPS navigation, phone integration, satellite radio, and to vehicle safety systems.​​

  • OEM Integration (with factory stereo and electronics)

  • Bluetooth Streaming and hands free

  • In-Dash Navigation

  • Ipad as Infotainment System

  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio

  • HD Radio

  • Streaming Music

  • Android Auto

  • Apple Car Play

  • Multi-media zone entertainment systems (Headrest, Flip Down Monitors, back seat entertainment and gaming)

  •  Fabrication Enhancements


Car Audio 8.png

Audio System Design

Here at AEP² we believe in a vehicle specific design philosophy that is then adapted, enhanced, and tuned for each individuals taste. We offer a variety of options for any budget and needs and for any type of listening preference including:

  • Factory Infotainment System enhancements & repairs

  • Bass enhancement packages 

  • Street Systems

  • SQ (Sound Quality) audiophile systems

  • SQL (Sound Quality Loud)

  • Showcar audio systems

  • Competition systems.

We take the client through our design consultation process to learn exactly what the clients needs, taste, and ultimate desires are, and then incorporate our unique vehicle specific paremeters that fit those requirements while offering them something to fit the value they are looking for.

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Car Audio & In-Vehicle Technology

Factory Stereo Upgrades & Repair

Sometimes we just want to upgrade or repair part of our Audio system.

Maybe its add a subwoofer for deep impactful bass, maybe its replace the head-unit (Stereo) to add more or new features, or maybe its to replace blown speakers with something that will outperform the original speakers.


Whatever reason it is we can help you with your every need. 

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Bass Enhancement Packages

Bass enhancement packages aren't just for "people who want loud bass coming from there car"

Bass enhancement improves the sound from your whole system. almost all factory audio systems make compromises that affect what you are hearing. Some of the compromises include:

  • Missing information (You aren't hearing all of the music) due to the factory stereo not playing the full frequency range in the music due to limitations of the factory stereo.

  • Cutting Low frequency response at higher volumes to preserve the low quality speakers

  • Small low frequency drivers that can not reproduce impactful powerful bass that is distortion free.

Car Audio 4.jpg

Street Audio System 

A Street and Show system is one that is designed as much to show off as it is for listening to, they are usually designed to play well and still sound good, unlike a pure SPL system or an SQL system which still has more of an emphasis of on sound quality where as this has more show

Remote Start

There is literally no better luxury accessory than remote start. It can warm your vehicle in the winter, and even be set up to control heated seats.

Then it will allow you to cool your vehicle on those 100 degree days before you even walk outside.

Remotes Starts can be combined with alarms, and control many features of your vehicle like automatic hatches.

Call for yours today.

Compustar remotes.jpg
Drone Mobile.jpg

Smart Phone Integration

Vehicle telemetries systems offer features many have never heard of, but would find most useful in our modern lives.

Not only do they work with remote start systems, but also with your iPhone or Android phone and allow you to control it from anywhere in the world.

 They also add features like

  • vehicle tracking

  • Geo-fenicing

  • vehicle alerts

  • so much more for a small monthly fee

Marine Audio 2.jpg

Marine & UTV/ATV Audio

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 


  • Lane Departure Warning Systems

  • Back up Cameras and Sensors

  • DVR Camera Systems

  • Bluetooth hands Free Kits

  • Alarm Systems

  • Vehicle tracking Systems

  • Blind Spot monitoring Systems

  • Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Heads UP Display Systems (Coming Soon)

  • Voice Control (Coming Soon)

  • Siri Eyes Free & Car Play(Coming Soon)

  • In Vehicle Safes  

Radar Detectors.jpg

Radar Detectors
Laser Shifters

Radar Detectors, Laser jammers, and Shifters add the extra confidence you desire to save you from those costly traffic stops.

The ultimate in performance car accessories.



Many vehicles including older luxury vehicles do not have the latest features of todays fully loaded vehicles. This is where our Luxury and Convenience enhancement can modernize your vehicle by adding the features, amenities, and luxury to pamper yourself in the vehicle that you love without feeling you have to get something new to have what you require in your vehicle.

Heated Seats.jpg

Heated & Cooled Seats

Gain the comfort you have always wanted by adding this luxury item to your vehicle to make it everything you ever wanted. Heated seats can be added pretty easily, and for people that have to have everything custom seats can be built to include cooling seats as well. 

Project Management 8.jpg

Upholstery Enhancements

For those that want to make their vehicles feel more luxurious we offer upholstery enhancements that add luxury, modernize the looks of your vehicle, and allow us to personalize it to your taste like Fine wood, metal, and carbon fiber accents. Some of what we can do is done through in-house, but things like custom diamond stitching, French stitching, piping, and more see our project management services.

Modern interior 2.jpg

Classic Vehicle Modernizing

Classic vehicles often did not come with the modern features and amenities we take for granted today. Simple basic standard features on todays vehicles that make the experience of owning any car more enjoyable. So why not add these features to your vehicle along with many other modern luxury and convenience features

  • Power Windows and Locks

  • Vintage Air Conditioning

  • Door Pops

  • Push to Start

Alarm and Keyless entry.png

Alarm & Keyless Entry

For many people security and convenience becomes a priority on many vehicles. Compustar alarm systems let you add that security and the added convenience of remote keyless entry. Another accessory which makes your older vehicle modernized and up to date without having to replace the vehicle you love.

Heated_cooled cupholders.jpg

Heated & Cooled Cupholders

One of those little little convenience accessories that just make life less stressful.

Keeps your coffee hot and your other drinks cold. What a great new accessory to your older vehicle to modernize it and not have to buy new.

Center Console and Cup Holders.jpg

Custom Center Consoles& Cupholders

Another item that adds modernized design and comfort with convenience accessories, storage, and luxury to your vehicle.

We want to make your car as comfortable as any brand new vehicle and have it include all the modern conveniences and technology, and this is one of those ways to create that modernized interior you desire and to house all those features.

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