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 We here at AEP can help you design the perfect vehicle! That one you have had in your head forever. We then manage the project all through out the build in order to bring it to fruition. We will handle as much of the build in house as possible, but then we take the guesswork and research out of the equation by partnering with the best artisans and service providers in the region to handle the rest. We meticulously plan and organize the project providing you with reports and check ins at build milestones along the way. AEP takes an approach that is more flexible, yet comprehensive and brings the best together for every part of your build. 

  • Paint and Body Work

  • Sun and Moon Roof installation

  • Custom Upholstery with diamond Stitching, French Stitching, Cross-stitching, embroidery and more

  • Resto-Mod Projects (Taking classic cars and installing modern drivetrains and amenities along with restorations to make a classic vehicle drive and run like a modern vehicle with modern safety and convenience features while retaining all of the  character and soul of these classic vehicles.)

  • Full Vinyl Wraps including custom printed commercial graphics 

  • Design Services

  • Full Track Only Race Car Projects.

  • Whatever you can dream and we can design.

Project Management Services

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