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Detailing Packages

Here at AEP² we have created the most complete and advanced details in the St. Louis area.

We have a detail for every vehicle and need including specialized detail services.

We always practice least aggressive methods possible to get the results and meet our customers needs, no one and we mean no one will care for your vehicle more than we will at AEP² We are second to none in detailing, paint correction, coatings, and paint protection film in the St. Louis area. 

The AEP Signature Essential Detail

-Vehicle is pre-treated to remove grease, bugs, and tar.

- Engine Bay thoroughly cleaned

-All regularly visible surfaces of wheel cleaned on face and barrel.

-Tires and Wheel wells cleaned

- Power wash Pe-rinse

- Clean jambs.

- Hand wash vehicle 

- Level 1 Paint decontamination 

- Full Interior Cleaning

- Level 1 Spot stain removal

- Level 1: leather cleaning and conditioning

- Level 1 Deodorize interior 

- One step machine De-Ox polish and wax

- Clean all glass surfaces and leave streak free inside and out.

- Level 1 Vehicle Finishing process 

Details of car cleaning - male using professional steam vacuum for dirty car interior.jpg

The AEP² Executive Detail

Everything in the AEP² Standard Essential Detail plus adds the following changes and added services
Everything in the AEP Standard Essential Detail plus adds the following changes and added services

* STAGE 1 Foam pre-treatment 

* A non-acid based PH balanced wheel cleaner used with a Level 2 Cleaning process

* Level 2 Hand Wash Process

* Emblem Decontamination

* Level 2 Paint decontamination 

* Level 2 Drying process. 

* Level 2 Spot & Stain removal.

* Level 2 Complete deep interior cleaning process

* Level 2 HVAC system cleaning treatment

* Level 2 Odor removal Process

*Level 2: leather cleaning and conditioning Process 

* Level 2 Partial Paint Enhancement, Sealant Optional.

* Level 2 vehicle Finishing.

* Clean Seams on all seats

* Clean all Rubber Seals and Condition

* Steam Clean Pedals

The AEP² Premier Signature Detail

Everything in the AEP² Executive detail plus the following changes and additions. The AEP premier Signature Detail is designed to clean a high-end vehicle in the safest, least aggressive way possible, while at the same time giving the most complete detail with the absolute best results.


Level 3 Vehicle Prep

Level 2/3 High Pressure Steam engine bay cleaning process. 

Level 3 Wheel Cleaning Process  

Level 2 Steam clean all door and vehicle jambs Process

Level 2 Pre-treat Decontamination applied before Pre-foam treatment. 

Level 3 Paint decontamination process including iron removal.

Level 3 Foam decontamination 

De-ionized water Power Wash Pre-rinse

Level 3 Foam Pre-Wash

Level 2 emblem decontamination and cleaning

Level 3 Wash Process

DE-Ionized Water Final Rinse

Level 3 Drying process. 

Dedicated Tar Decontamination if Needed

Dedicated Tree Sap removal Decontamination if needed

Level 3 complete interior cleaning with high-pressure steam

Level 3 Interior Steam/Hot Water Extraction Spot and Stain Removal Process

Level 3 Leather cleaning and conditioning. 

Level 3 Full AIO Paint Enhancement 

Level 3 Vehicle Finishing exterior trim plastics 

The AEP² Ultimate Exclusive Detail

This detail builds on our Premier Signature detail and lets you personalize the detail adding many options, some of which are only available in this detail. This detail is our most exclusive detailing rejuvenation for Exotic, classic, antique, hotrods, and muscle cars. There are also many options for car show prep for your vehicle.


Additions or Changes from the Premier Signature Detail.

$ A Hybrid between the Premier and Eco detail.

$ Engine Bay done Exclusively with High pressure steam cleaning and Ph balanced chemicals.

$ The AEP Wheels Off Service

$This detail can also be set up to include Full Paint Correction and Premium Ceramic coating. 

$ Level 4 Leather cleaning and conditioning.

$ Heated Hot High-Steam Extraction

$ Combination extraction

$ Carpet Removal Deep Cleaning Service option

$ Carpet Replacement Option

$ Dedicated odor Removal treatment (multiple Options Stage 1-4)

$ Cabin Filter Replacement Option

$ Optional UV Light Disenfectant

$ Undercarriege Power Wash and Deep Cleaning Process

$ Undercarriage Steam Cleaning Process

$ Engine Bay and Under Carriage DRYCE Cleaning Process

$ Undercarriage polishing Options

The AEP² ECO-Detail

The AEP² ECO-Detail is our fully green detail allowing us to do our part for the environment. We offer this option with biodegradable chemicals safe for the environment. We go further by making it waterless wash to preserve water and  more.


-High-Pressure Steam Cleaning System Prep Process 

-ECO Wheel Cleaning Process (ONR) and quality microfiber towels.

-  ECO Steam clean engine bay Proces

- ECO- Rinseless Lubricant bug removal proces

- Use Rinseless washing process to clean vehicle

- ECO-rinseless paint decontamination process

-ECO- Tree-Sap and Tar Removal

- ECO-Door Jamb cleaning Process

- Vaccuum Entire Interior

- ECO Full Steam Interior Cleaning Process

- ECO Spot Stain Removal Process

-ECO Leather Cleaning and Conditioning process

- Vacuum entire trunk and spare tire well.

- Buff Vehicle with All natural Carnuba Cleaner Wax* and remove by hand.

- Dress Tires, Wheel Wells, and Engine Bay with natural or Water based dressing.

- Clean windows with all natural glass cleaner.

Starting at 300.00 for cars and 350.00 for trucks and SUV’s based on condition Maxes out around $500.00

The AEP² Maintenance Detail

Foam Pre-Rinse


Ph Balanced Level 2 Wheel Cleaning

Level 2 Wheel Cleaning PH Balanced foaming cleaner

Level 2 Hand Wash

Power Wash Rinse 

Level 2 Drying (warm air and Compressed air)

SIO2 Spray Sealant

Surface Vacuum All Visible flooring and Matts 

Dust Dash and console and basic Wipe Down

Clean Glass inside and Out

Dress Tires

The AEP² Mini Detail

Power Wash Rinse

Level 1 wheel and tire clean

Minor Deconatamination

Level 1 Hand wash 

Power Wash Rinse

Level 1 Drying 

Polymer Spray Sealant

Vacuum all visible flooring including floor mats of surface contaminants

Basic Quick Wipe down of the interior (This detail is not intended for use in heavily soiled vehicles)

Dress Tires

Clean Windows inside and out

Detail Package Options

Heated Extraction

available for vehicles where the entire vehicle is heavily soiled or stained. This is a great method especially when combined with pre-treatment and other stain removal methods to bring back the worst of vehicle interiors to as new as possible condition without replacing the carpets.   

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Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is an option available for any package it is not included as standard. Steam cleaning is a deeply intensive cleaning method that allows for a much more thorough cleaning and disinfectant of all surfaces.

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Steam Extraction

Optional Steam extraction which is a less aggressive method and leaves the vehicle much dryer and uses less moisture in the extraction process. This is perfect for vehicles with minor or light stains or very high-end vehicles

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Steam Clean Total Engine Bay Service

Degrease Engine Bay with Foaming Citrus Engine cleaner and then Steam Clean Engine Bay removing all grease and contaminants 

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Carpet Removal or Replacement Service

Carpet Removal Deep Cleaning Service or carpet replacement (Recommended for the very worse stained and soiled vehicles with heavy odors to eliminate risk)

Removal of all seats and carpet from vehicle before extraction, and then we clean all surfaces under carpet, which also may be harboring odors and biological contaminants with a high velocity anti-germ anti-biological cleaning agent to kill 99.9% of germs and more. Then we clean padding and back side of carpet with a Hot Water Extractor with the same cleaning agent and the steam cleaner to kill 99.9% of all germs and other biological contaminants, and finish by using the same treatment on the front of carpets, steam cleaning front of carpets thoroughly, then Carpet is pre treated and scrubbed with stain removers and extracted with hot water and carpet cleaners. Then carpet is extracted a second time with hot water to rinse carpet completely. Carpet is then dried completely on both sides before reinstalling carpet and seats in vehicle and finished with an enzyme surface treatment to leave the vehicle with a fresh clean scent. 

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odor Treatment & Removal

Stage 1 Odor  treatment

For light or extremely faint odors. A High velocity penetrating Enzyme treatment for the entire interior of vehicle and HVAC 

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Stage 2 Odor treatment

for slightly stronger odors we recommend an Odor Bomb Vehicle treatment with Neutral or New Car Scent, and odor absorber afterwards, includes HVAC system, then air out. (not recommended for higher end vehicles, combine stages 1 and 2 to leave the vehicle smelling better afterwards

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Stage 3 odor Treatment

Treat Interior with anti-germ, anti-biological agent including HVAC System kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on Surface, This includes a second enzyme treatment afterwards for a better scent. 

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Stage 4 Odor Treatment

Ozone treatment- This treatment is recommended only after a stage 3 treatment if not completely successful includes the use of an Ozone machine that creates a high concentration of Ozone. The concentration and treatment is controlled by duration and output of the Ozone machine, and can be anywhere from 4-12 hours per treatment. The Ozone particles penetrate deep into all surfaces, materials, and carpet killing any biological agents and neutralizing any odors in the vehicles.  

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UV Light Disenfectant

Full interior Disinfectant option using UV lighting treatment. This will kill 99.9999% of all germs bacterial and Virus’s without chemicals and offer more complete coverage without risking interior staining with harsh chemicals with 10-15 minutes of dwell time. Not recommended for very high end vehicles with sensitive materials and fabrics.

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THe AEP² Wheels Off Service

Our Wheels Off Service is exactly what it sounds like! We pull your vehicle up on one of our drive on lifts, Jack your vehicle up at the Jacking points and remove the wheels from the vehicle. We then gain full access to the wheel wells, Brakes and Suspension. We Start by Pre-treating all surfaces with Ph Balanced foaming cleaner and a de-tarring agent, then power washed to remove loose initial contaminants. The entire wheel wells, visible suspension, and brakes are then cleaned with our Ph Balanced All purpose Cleaner/degreaser and gently cleaned with all-natural brushes and microfiber towels along with a steam cleaner. All Metal Surfaces then undergo our Iron and Heavy Metal decontamination.  Finally if needed all surfaces are cleaned with Tire/Wheel/plastic cleaner and Power washed. Then we clean the wheels themselves, both inside the barrel of the wheel and the face. The wheel is cleaned with our same multi-step wheel cleaning process with PH balanced cleaners and iron removers, scrubbed with non-marring and non-scratching natural brushes’ and power washed. Once completed we then clay bar by hand with lubricating cleansing agent, rinse, and dry completely. Wheel then undergoes a paint enhancement and finished with sealant or ceramic coating depending on customer’s request. 

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Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Level 1 Leather Treatment

Clean and condition with our standard essential all-purpose cleaner and condition with Oil of Mink. 

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Level 2 Leather Treatment

Clean with PH neutral all-purpose interior cleaner, and or Oil of Mink, and then condition with our executive Leather Conditioning Creme applied by hand with an applicator and left on 4-6 hours as needed for leather to absorb, then final removal of excess conditioner and then leveled and smoothed.

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Level 3 Leather Treatment

Steam Clean Leather to open pores, Leather cleaned with PH balance all-natural leather cleaner, and condition with our Premier Leather Conditioner applied by an applicator and left on 6-12 hours as needed for leather to absorb, then final removal of excess conditioner and smoothed. 

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Level 4 Leather treatment

Steam Clean Leather to open pores and scrub with all-natural horse hair brush and Clean with a PH Balanced Leatherique cleanser/shampoo and natural fiber brushes. Complete by completely massaging our Premier Leatherique Conditioner in to the leather until it will no longer take any more, then reapply in 4-8 hours. Conditioner is then left on for 12-24 hours as needed for leather to absorb, then final removal of excess conditioner for an even conditioning and soft supple, yet

non-greasy feel. 

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Other Detailing Options

Level 1 Undercarriage

Power wash, degrease, and clean under carriage 

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Level 2 Undercarriage

Degrease and Steam Clean  Undercarriage

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Dry Ice Cleaning

DRY-ICE Clean Engine Bay and Undercarriage 

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Undercarriage Poloshing

Undercarriage Polishing Dependent on vehicle 

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