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AEP² is the Premier Automotive Enhancement and Performance Shop in the St. Louis area. providing full vehicle enhancement, performance, tuning and routine and scheduled maintenance for the worlds finest vehicles. We are passionate and honestly love what we do and being part of the automotive culture and lifestyle. We have always wanted to create something better for the culture and be able to create works of art in the process. Finally we genuinely care about our customers and want to be in service of others by treating our customers and their vehicles the way we want to be treated. Our Team of highly skilled Technicians share our values so come see us!

We would love the opportunity to serve you!

Specialising in:

BWM, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Mini, Porsche, Lotus, Lamborghini, and jeep

Nissan and Infiniti including GTR & 400Z, Mark V Supra, 

with growing support for: Landrover, Jaguar, Alfa, and other exotics including Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and The New Acura NSX

Why you should Choose us!


Besides arguably being the first shop of its kind in St. louis and bringing an experience second to none to the automotive enthusiast of St. Louis. This experience is rooted in the fact that we strive for excellence and integrity everyday in everything we do, through our collective knowledge, obsessive passion, and enthusiasiastic attention to detail we possess the skills and desire to make your automotive dreams a Reality!

AEP² For those that want to make a statement and leave an impression!

The best Detailing, Performance, Tuning, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Detail, PPF, Automotive Maintenance, Car Audio, Remote Start, 

Backup camera, Wheel, Tire, Performance Tire, Alignment, Auto Repair, Window Tint, custom exhaust shop near me.

Vehicle Performance & Tuning

At AEP² we take a wholistic approach to performance and tuning by developing Vehicle Specific Performance Packages for the vehicles we specialize in Including Turbo and Supercharger kits for some vehicles.


Performance options for all other vehicles 

  • Custom Exhaust

  • Cold Air Intake

High precision muscle car engine, Customized race car engine.jpg

Wheel & Tire Shop

Wheels are one of the most important accessories that can be added to any vehicle. They can increase the performance, change the look dramatically, and add value to your vehicle. They can actually reflect your taste, and truly make a vehicle yours. AEP has one of the most comprehensive selections of high quality performance and luxury vehicles for your vehicle. After you choose your wheel we can help you make a very important decision as to what tires are going to meet your needs. We are authorized dealers for Tire Rack and Discount Tires Direct, as well as our own local warehouses.

  • Wheels

  • Tires

  • Rims

  • Low Profile Tires

  • Forged Wheels

Car Audio & Electronics

Car Audio and Electronics has grown in to one of the most important parts of our driving experience. Apple Carplay and Android Auto revolutionized the way we interact with our vehicles. The way we listen to music, communicate in the vehicle, navigate our travels and so much more.  Updating the technology to your car to modern levels is one of the ways to make you love your car again so 



  • Large screen stereos

  • CarPlay & Android Auto

  • Bluetooth

  • Subwoofers

  • upgraded Audiophile sound systems

  • Remote starts

  • Alarms, Security, and anti-theft

  • Back up cameras

  • Dash Cams

  • Radar detectors

Steering Wheel

Window Tinting

Do you want to cool down the interior or Just give your vehicle a cool look, window tinting is one of those subtle and useful accessories that can enhance the looks or comfort of your vehicle.

Luxury car with tinted glass standing at parking, reflection of businessman.jpg

Detailing & Reconditioning

Detailing is one of the most over looked maintenance items and keep to making your vehicle have the highest quality appearance possible. Detailing is far from what most people have in their heads, which is a car wash. The idea of detailing is to clean and rejuvenate your vehicle to bring it back to looking as close to new or better than new as possible. As part of detailing

Detailed vehicle cleaning to washing.jpg
A man cleaning car with cloth, car detailing (or valeting) concept. Selective focus. .jpg
Auto detailer using detailing brush for cleaning dust in car window switch. Male hand clea
Details of car cleaning - male using professional steam vacuum for dirty car interior.jpg
Mechanic changing the wheels of a high-end super sports car. Auto mechanic working in gara


Not only does AEP enhance the performance and every other aspect of your vehicle, we offer routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance programs for our clients luxury and performance vehicles. AEP knows that preventative maintenance will help to prevent more costly repairs down the road, and keep your vehicle running at top performance reliably. Don't put off the routine maintenance of your pride and joy, wait till you car breaks and your in a bad situation that forces you to spend more money in repairs.

Appearance Services & Accessories

While we can do many things to enhance your vehicles, there really is only one thing to make it unique and truly yours and stands out from everyone else with the same vehicle. Here at AEP when we are designing a vehicle or​ enhancing the current design of your vehicle, the appearance becomes one of the most important parts of making your car a one of a kind vehicle unique to you!

Appearance Services & Accessories.

car part ; Close up detail of a custom racing carbon fiber spoiler on the rear of a modern
Luxury car control panel with seat cooling ventilation, self parking and parking sensors a
Car headlights. Exterior detail. Car luxury concept.jpg
Application for remote engine start and car warm-up.jpg
Close-up LED headlight expensive car part with exclusive iridescent painting. Vehicle cove

Luxury and Convenience Services & Accessories

Many vehicles including older luxury vehicles do not have the latest features of todays fully loaded vehicles. This is where our Luxury and Convenience enhancement can modernize your vehicle by adding the features, amenities, and luxury to pamper yourself in the vehicle that you love without feeling you have to get something new to have what you require in your vehicle.

Design & Project Management

 We here at AEP can help you design the perfect vehicle! That one you have had in your head forever. We then manage the project all through out the build in order to bring it to fruition. We will handle as much of the build in house as possible, but then we take the guesswork and research out of the equation by partnering with the best artisans and service providers in the region to handle the rest. We meticulously plan and organize the project providing you with reports and check ins at build milestones along the way. AEP takes an approach that is more flexible, yet comprehensive and brings the best together for every part of your build. 

Project Management 8.jpg
Engine Swap Project 2_edited.jpg
Design 2.jpg
Design 1_edited.jpg


  AutoExotica Auto Spa

Auto Spa and Design Studio

Offering Detailing, Vehicle Reconditioning, Paint Correction and Perfection, Ceramic Coating, and general care, AutoExotica also carries out Design on the the worlds finest Luxury and Exotic vehicles

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